Committee Volunteers Needed Help Organize Saline’s Summerfest!

“Summerfest has had an amazingly stable crew of enthusiastic volunteers,” says Jim Hill, one of the longest-standing members of the event’s organizing committee. “Though some long-time volunteers are now retiring. This has created opportunities for new volunteers.”
Specifically, the Summerfest 2018 committee is looking for community members to help with:

• Following up with recurring sponsors, and finding a few new sponsors
• Publicizing and advertising the event
• Updating the event’s website

“The good news,” says Hill, “is that there’s a long, long history, with established procedures, for all Summerfest volunteering activities, so new volunteers will have a running start. They can build on what’s already there without having to start completely new things from scratch.”
Those interested in volunteering are invited to attend the next meeting:

Saline Area Fire Department
June 21st @ 7 pm
205 East Michigan Avenue
Saline, MI 48176

Otherwise, volunteer candidates can contact Jim Hill to explore the possibilities.:

Jim Hill
Cell: at 734-368-1944