Historical Trolley Tours

Tours narrated by the Saline Historical Society on August 10

Take a break and enjoy a short narrated History in Motion trolley ride around town. Your guides will be Zelpha Parsons, wife of Banker Willliam Davenport, Lucretia Gillett, photographer and A.C. Clarke, Undertaker.

Downtown, surveyed by Orange Risdon 1831, Start west

At NE corner of Michigan Chicago Rd. & N. AA

Citizens Bank, William Davenport, Key Bank

Harmon House, brick hotel

Burkhart-Risdon Building, Time Capsule,

First sawed wood Building in Saline downtown, today’s Brecon Grille

West on Michigan to Mills St,

Saline Exchange, St. Paul’s Parking lot

Lucius Pierce (painter) home, Active One Construction

Cemetery, 1826

North on Mills

Vesta Mills House, Music Teacher

Pierce painting at Saline Library

East on Russell St.

Homes from 1950’s, House of Mayors,

Union School, 1868

North on Ann Arbor

Various 19th century homes,

Saline History (Depot) Museum

19th century Saline History, stop and drop off passengers, Velocipede

East on Bennett to Harris, east on Clark

Black settlements of Saline, including two Black churches

North on Maple to Michigan

Talk about railroads in Saline, Davenport/Curtiss House, 1876

Michigan to Downtown, start point,

Old Maude & Power Station,

Saline Churches. Holy Trinity Lutheran & First Presbyterian, on Michigan

Methodist & Baptist on S. AA